Bows & arrows
Concentrated attention.

Bows & arrows
Concentrated attention.

We offer traditional archery in an idividual workshop in the surrounding of the industrial ambiance of the Landschaftspark. Its best if You are searching for a silent event with a lot of time for conversation. Taste something new and get an interesting entrance in this kind of sports.

We need around 2 hours for the workshop and its done by qualified and skilled trainers. In our workshop You will find classical elements of an individual sport. Geared with arrow, bow, finger and armbracer there will be an intruduction in basic and fundamental rules and technics of the archery.

Step by step You will learn how to draw a bow, how to find Your goal and how to hit the target.

It is a concentrated attention. We appreciate the workshop with some little games and scorcher exercises.

  • All necessary gear is provided.
  • You dont need expert knowledge its for beginners in the sport.
  • 59,-€ (incl. VAT) each participiant.
  • Possible for groups larger than 10 participiants. Appointments with individual agreements.
  • The location is roofed. Possible in each weather condition.

Nr.: 0203 9 86 80 91

office hours:
Mon - Fri from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m