Expedition AIR - Zipline tour in the park
Only flying is more beautiful!

Expedition AIR - Zipline tour in the park
Only flying is more beautiful!

This new form of expedition takes us into the world of gravity. In this place where everything seems possible, we embark on a flight from steel colossus to steel colossus and whiz through the landscape park. On the Expedition Air we fly around the blast furnace and over a more than 100 meter long cable car to the wind heater at blast furnace V, the park’s viewing mountain. Across Cowperplatz and at a height of 40 meters! A rushing experience with air under your soles and lots of wind in your face.
You start in a small team of around 10 participants in casting hall II. From there you will be introduced to the cable car ride and slowly advance from floor to floor. When you walk around the blast furnace, you get down to business at a height of 30 meters and you get a feel for the speed and rolling behavior. Then you are faced with the big run to the wind heater at blast furnace V. Now you are at a height of 40 meters and have over 100 meters of travel ahead of you. Let’s go – only flying is even more beautiful! The return journey is then just a formality. Another 100 meters back to your starting point at Ofen II. And then take a deep breath!
Expedition Air is ONLY available from June 1st. until September 31, 2024.
  • Takes place in ANY weather (3/4 is covered – bring appropriate clothing!).
  • Participation from 16 years – Minimum height 1.55m – Max. body weight 120kg.
  • No previous knowledge is required.
  • Program duration approximately 2 hours including safety instructions.
  • Two trained guides each look after a group of around 10 participants.
  • Tight-fitting gloves with non-slip palms are mandatory. If you have forgotten these, you can purchase them from us for a cost price of €4. All other materials are provided.
  • Costs €69 per person.
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