canoe polo
canoe polo in the gasometer

canoe polo
canoe polo in the gasometer

This absolutely special group event takes place in the old Gasometer of the Landschaftspark in duisburg. Normally the place is used for diving. The Gasometer is europes biggest diving center with 21 mill. liter of water, a diameter of 45 and a deepness of 13 meters.  A bizarre ambiance for polo!

After changing the clothes in the diving base we protect You with a neoprene wetsuit and a helmet. There is a selection into two groups and than the action starts with the paddle and the kayak. The guides not only introduce, they also take care of You and look for the rules by acting as an umpire. Polo is a very exhausting activity so we offer the event as a 3 hour workshop. Altough its possible to book for the whole day if there are more groups necessary. All necessary gear is provided. You dont need expert knowledge in kayaking or polo. The event is for beginners in the sport and there will be cold water for everybody.

  • Canoe polo is a quick kind of sport with a lot of fun in it. The aficionados only call it “polo”.
  • Polo requires excellent teamwork and promotes both general canoeing skills as well as a range of other techniques unique to the sport.
  • Kayaks, paddel, helmet, lifejacket, goals, ball and a well-defined playground. This is the basic equipment of each polo game. Our guide will give You the basic roules and then its up to You. A good teamplay, high spirits and a lot of fun is guaranted and of course ou will have a bath!
  • Individuel individual appointments for groups are possible for a number of participants from 10-25 people. 10 kayaks are playing simultaneously play on the water.
  • Appointments with lead time are possible year around. We need 3 hours for a group of 25 participants. Several groups are possible one after another.
  • 1.550,00 € (incl. VAT) for 3 hours activity, plus location fee.
  • 2.390,00 € (incl. VAT) whole day, plus location fee.
  • The location fee for the Gasometermiete is according to time and date of the event. Therefore it needs an individual request. There will be no diving during our game time.
  • Services:
  • Supporting Service, all gear and equipment and insurance.

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