expedition steel groups
A group evolves to a team...

expedition steel groups
A group evolves to a team...

It is a long and provoking way up to the top. Right from the beginning we´ll do this as one body and effect experiences for all. With the view above the whole Ruhrgebiet You will find a lot of heavily exposed positions under Your feet. The „Expedition Steel“ will whisk You away in a land of steel, abyss and overcome – not only for Your mind. Together with Your team You will suceed, manage the expedition and the memory of the day will be long time treasured.

The 3 hour, intensively attended program is a teamactivity of a very special kind.

The team spirit and the cooperation in between the team will be invigorated, team work is in main focus. Cooperation mechanisms for each member and strong cohesion within the whole group will be the topics of the day. Starting at the ground floor, the participants pass wobbling bridges, steel-ropes, metal barrels and reach several levels of the course. Finally the group will be rewarded with an amazing panorama of the Ruhrgebiet, by passing the last level in 50 m hight above the ground. The area is exclusively booked for each group.

The “Expedition steel” is actable in each kind of weather and all year round. We can offer You an individual desired date. The area is exclusively reserved for Your group. The minimum number of participiants is 10 people and around 80 are able to climb the high rope course on different ways simultaneous. With the help of our special lighting we offer the “Expedition steel” also in the dark (october to april). In realy bad weather conditions we are able to stay in roofed areas and downwind sides of the blast furnace.
Independent from the number of participiants the “Expedition steel” will need approximately 3 hours time.

  • 89 € (incl. VAT) each participiant.
  • 80 € (incl. VAT) each participiant, > 30 participiants.
  • Services:
    Supporting Service, all gear and equipment, location fee and insurance.

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